Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why we plan to find out the gender during Pregnancy

With sweet boy, we waited until his birth (at 41 weeks) to find out the gender.  While it was a fun surprise-- so was just having a baby and the gender thing really wasn't that much of an added shock to the general shock of a baby. 


The main reason we'll find out this time is because after months and months of bonding with both a girl and a boy (since we didn't know which it would be)... I would draydream about "if it's a girl, we'll do this together" ... "if it's a boy then my life might look more like this..."  We also named two children.  A sweet boy and a girl we never brought home.  We loved our boy (I secretly wanted an eldest boy) but when we didn't bring home our sweet girl we felt a little like we'd lost a baby.  We'd spent so many months "getting to know" what both might be like that it was a little sad when one was left behind.

This time we are planning to find out at 20 weeks and share with family the gender but not the name (until birth).

Since I knew we'd find out sooner this time I have not given much thought to gender until then, even though this may be my last kiddo.  I always saw myself with two boys but a boy and girl would be fun and all american too.  : )

One month from today I can start planning for my baby boy or girl... Stay tuned...


And just for fun I took a couple online gender prediction tests.  Here's the results:

According to the test on JustMommies.com it's a girl...

Per the Chinese Lunar Chart... It's a Girl. 
(Side note, my first son was also "a girl" per this prediction and heartrate myths.)  We'll find out May 10th!


  1. To us it was still a wonderful surprise to find out at 20 weeks. It made the start of the pregnancy so much more relaxing because we didn't have to worry about 2 names, and two totally opposite identities. Plus, when it's your second, it's nice to know if you can just reuse all your stuff or if you'll want to buy a few gender specific items if it's the opposite.

    1. Totally good reasons I should have listed! I'll also have to think of revised nicknames which will depend on the gender. : )