Friday, April 20, 2012

17 weeks & My 2 cents on Boston

A big hi-ho from Kentucky... did you hear about Wesley Korir winning the Boston marathon?  I was pumped about him winning as if he was my own kid!  Seriously the guy is an amazing athlete and the nicest person in real life (I should mention while he was attending school and running for the University of Louisville he was also going to our church).  He and his wife use a majority of the money he makes on races to support work he does back in Kenya.  So yeah... very excited for him.  That's a Creme of the Crop race to win and with the crazy heat to boot!  Go Wesley!

17 week Update:

Symptoms:  The minor icky's all the time and a growing little belly!

Exercise:  Back to the regular routine still!  A long run on the weekend, two mid-week runs and chasing a toddler!  : )  I have a 13-miler scheduled this weekend which is my last long run before race day in a couple more weeks!  Whoo Hoo!  Knock on wood, the only minor "issue" so far is the urge to pee some during the run but no other weird-ness yet.  Hoping that lasts!

Cravings:  Ugh.  Nothing.  Do I have to eat food?  I would like to enjoy food again, seriously.

20 more days until we know the big gender baby reveal!!!  And yes, I am wearing my during-the-day-shirt and pj's.  Oops.

I leave you with a great quote I read today that reminds me to make today count: 

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
~Annie Dillard


  1. I love this post for many reasons! When at home all day, I almost always have my "nice shirt" on with my pajama bottoms. I always tell people...why would I want to be in uncomfortable pants all day when I don't have to? The boys surely don't mind. :)

    That's awesome about Wesley! I hadn't heard.

    I do not see a bump!! I'd show you my 17 week photo, but I'd be a bit embarrassed!

    1. Yeah... I actually had 2 random visitors early this week and I was so happy that when I opened the door and saw it was not someone random, that I was actually fully dressed and had makeup/hair fixed. ; )

      Maybe it's the shirt (or the lack of double shadow )in this picture. I have a bump now. I've seen you prego twice now and I can say you are one of the cutest! No need at all to be embarrassed!

  2. One of the hardest things about running prego for me was to learn to accept that feeling of always having to pee while I was running. Inevitably if I stopped to pee, there was nothing there! All sensation and no action...