Monday, April 23, 2012

When 13 turns into 14 (Miles)... and Double Jogger Stroller Questions

So-- per some mis-calculation/mis-communication my 13 mile run turned into a little over 14 by the time we got back to the car.  Oops!  Hopefully it makes race day in a couple weeks feel easier... though I am expecting more hills than we ran! 

I didn't feel that ready to run a long distance when we started but once I was in the groove I felt pretty good.  My legs were feeling more tired by about 9 miles but I had more "push" up the last couple hills than I did a couple weeks ago just running 12... so I am hoping that's a good sign!  We ran at a 10:15 pace which was leisurely enough to enjoy instead of pushing it.  I'd say we'll be around that pace is all goes well on race day!

Pee-need was not horrible.  However inner thighs were sore enough that turning over in bed last night was harder (who knew you used those muscles to toss and turn!)

Now onto jogging strollers...

I honestly try all I can NOT to have to run with the boy.  He enjoys it but it's such a workout to run without swinging your arms and pushing a kid!  That said-- I am still considering an upgrade to a double jogger for when I have to run with kids or for walks in the neighborhood or trips to the zoo when I like having the stroller with a canopy and storage.  My kiddo's will be right around 2 years apart-- if that's a factor.  Hubby is not excited about upgrading (maybe it's because the first jogger was over $300 and I use it about once a week...??) 

The double version of the jogger I have now:

BOB Duallie Ironman Stroller: Yellow

What has your experience been?   Is a double side-by-side a practical next step?   How well does it fold into your car (I plan to keep a car, not SUV or van)?  Can you use a double for outings practically?  I'd like to just buy one double stroller for both running and everyday trips where a stroller is needed.  Anyone considered the doubles where one rides's behind?  I'm not sure a kid that gets a bit older would like being in the back but I like the width better!  Like this one:

Phil and Teds Sport e3 Jogger Stroller

As many thoughts as your want to provide are welcome!!


  1. I only have one kiddo so far, so I don't feel qualified enough to comment on those! I'll have to learn from which one YOU pick. ;)

  2. Well, my sister had a side by side and it was great for walks and runs but she couldn't go anywhere with it that had a door or where she had to put it in her van because it took up ALL the space! She hated taking it to stores because she didn't fit anywhere. I was going to buy a double jogger but knew how much I hated jogging with one so decided to put my money into a good regular double stroller and I love it. I got the Baby Jogger City Select and it's rad. You can't run with it but it suits EVERY other single need possible, you can even use it as a single. If you did get a Phil & Teds, even though they are not designed for running, you could likely use it for a run here and there if you needed to. Rambling aside, I highly recommend getting a front-to-back stroller as opposed to side-by-side if you can because you'll be able to fit more places. But, if you really truly want to run with both kiddos, you might have to get a double bob for example. Sorry, I don't know if this helped at all...

  3. Just catching up on blogs (having a little one really takes up all your time!)- Congratulations!! Looking forward to following your pregnancy! Hope the sickness goes away soon!

    No personal experience with double running strollers but what I have heard is that the side by sides are too wide to be used for anything other than running/walks. I know a lot of people get a double jogger for running but use a single stroller and a carrier when going to the mall, running errands, etc so the toddler can go in the stroller and you can wear the baby.