Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little bit of Stroller and Bump Update and Half Prep in One...

Thanks for the stroller comments.  I am so not any closer on a decision.   Though I have decided that running with 2 kids is going to be a low priority for the double stroller.  Hopefully when I run, I can go solo or just take one kid in the BOB while leaving the other at home.  Trips to the zoo, walking outside, the annual trips to family/fair type events are what I would like a double stroller for... SO... as much as I want to spend $500 on another stroller, I think that rules out the BOB double. 

I would like something fairly narrow, not heavy, able to attach an infant carseat and possibly jog-ready if needed.

If I had to pick just one today for those reasons, it would be this one:

InStep Safari Double Tandem Stroller (16-Inch, Blue)

It's the InStep Safari Double Tandem Stroller.  I like that it's not side to side and the kid in the back is not sitting under the one in the front.  And at around $250 its significantly less than similar models.  It only has 1 review on Amazon so I can't say it's a clear win or lose.  We'll see.  I have to tell myself, no reason to buy today.

We skipped right on over 18 weeks right into 19.  Hubs and I have yet to cross paths since about 7 this morning, so I will have to wait on inserting the 19 week bump.  He's 18 for your viewing pleasure:

Symptoms:  Finally enjoying SOME food again.  Not the usual range but now it's not a turnoff to eat at every meal.  I am still sick of cooking or thinking of meals-- but that may not be related to a bump anymore?  : )

Gender:  We get to find out one week from today!  I hope more than anything that we have a healthy baby at the 20 week checkup!

AND last but not least... Ran my last taper run today of 4 miles and Sunday is the big half marathon 13.1 race day!!!!

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