Monday, May 21, 2012

21 weeks and such

While I'm late in posting (shocker!) I actually took my 21 week belly bump photo on the correct day.  Yeah, that's a shocker too!

Symptoms:  So far so good still!  Yeah!  Major progress has been I am now back to drinking water first thing in the morning and I can swallow like all 10 of my vitamins in one giant fistful again!

Exercise:  Running 3x a week-- with the shortest run being 4 miles.  So far I'm keeping pace and having minimal side effects (I even haven't had the constant urge like I need to pee on every run!)  I also talked hubs into lacing up his running shoes Sunday and we ran 63 minutes together while pushing the tyke in the jogging stroller!  It was HOT too!

Thoughts:  I had my first "birth the baby" dream.  True to pre-baby dreams it was definitely unconventional.  I wasn;t full term and was trying to push out the baby-- this was all while I had ZERO pain and tried to babysit my son between trying to push and trying to figure out where my husband was.  It was an odd dream but it also made me really ready to meet this little guy!

I just completed a 21 month series with a great group of ladies through my church.  We had out "graduation" and someone asked the two prego ladies to take a bump picture together... so since I rarely let my head be in blog photos... here goes below... I am on the right at 21 weeks and the beautiful lady on the left is due a month after me with her third kiddo.

Can I just brag that I found that dress an hour before I had to get ready for the night on a trip to Target.  It was only $25 bucks and isn't a maternity dress so I think I can wear it in the future too!  Score!  We did not coordinate our dresses, we're just both fans of black and white!

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