Monday, May 14, 2012

Lil Bit of Everything and 20 week Update

On Saturday the fam (minus my hubs : ( and I hit up an informal 5k fundraiser for an organization that I recently designed a small building for... Barren Heights and whom my mom and stepdad volunteer with.  It's a cool organization that helps families who have a child with a disability take a free vacations at their camp while volunteers assist in meals and fun with their kids.

I was pleased with our 5k time... we averaged 8:45/mile all while switching who pushed the munchkin.  He got a huge kick out of the balloons and got his favorite tool... a hammer... painted on his face... It was fun!

20 weeks:
Well... the official belly pic at 20 weeks (a few days late) is deceiving as usual... I must look thinner from the side... ha ha!  I certainly have a belly!

Total Weight Gain: About 8.5 lbs

Symptoms:  Feeling better still, no sickies, no cravings and I can drink water and take pills without gagging (mostly)  : )  I'm sleeping well and will enjoy the sleep I can get until it gets hot and I get more prego!

Some random one's for you:
I'm wondering what it will be like to balance two kids?  Will it be the same MAJOR adjustment as one was? 

I'm also wondering what I should buy two of?  I know that's kind of dumb but when I change N's diaper I still use the changing table... can they share one or will I need two?  What else?

Will my boys be sporty?  If so, will I actually enjoy spending time watching sports?

Will I feel the urge to have more kids or feel done after this one?  Will Hubby and I be on the same page regardless of which direction it is?

Exercise:  Still running but no long run due to the 5k event over the weekend.

Happy Monday!  I make no promises but will hopefully be back around Thursday when I'm 21 weeks since this one is late again!


  1. I, and many of my friends with multiple children, thought one was a big adjustment from 0, and 2 was another big adjustment from 1. However, after that more children seemed like cake. :)

    You don't need two changing tables. They can share, since they won't be on it at the same time. Really the only things you'd need more of are things that go in the mouth/nose/etc. like pacifiers and nose suction bulbs if you use them. If N is still in the crib then you would want to transition him out or get a second crib before baby arrives.

    You might have sporty boys or you might not. And, you might not always be really interested in what they're doing, but you will support them and love them while they participate anyway. That's what being a mom is all about! Of course, you kind of influence them by your actions and teaching.

    I'm sure you are a wonderful mom! Enjoy the next ~20 weeks as you wait!

    1. Thanks for the thoughts and info Tabitha!

      We'll see what time holds for more kids... we're not ruling it out even though I despise early pregnancy! : )

      I think we are going to TRY moving him to a big bed before he gets a baby brother.

  2. Congrats on a great 5K! You look fantastic!