Monday, May 16, 2011

Running Around The Big Easy

We're back from the Big Easy and I have to say I LOVED IT!  I was hesitant about New Orleans after everyone I talked to about going had only bad things to say-- it's dirty, crime ridden, watch where you stay... I didn't see any of that.  To me it was a friendly town, beautiful homes and buildings, GREAT food (and I didn't even think I liked Cajun).

And the only running I did in the 5 days I was there was when I was dressed up for my conference, wearing heels and discovered my kiddo enjoyed these quick bursts of a run while being pushed along the riverfront in his umbrella stroller.  So of course his mama obliged!  And my hubby snapped away during one such dash back to him.

Kiddo started multi-tasking while standing in his head like this-- it was cracking me up!  (And of course being a bit germ-phobic he pretty much only was allowed to play on the bed in the hotel.

And last but not least my hubby snuck in this last photo... of course the St Louis Cathedral is beautiful in this photo but my hubby suprised me with this one because see that small black spec in the bottom righthand corner... that was me sketching it!   And even though it's year 2011 and about 30,000 architects attended the convention, AND I wore a badge that showed I was an architect-- it never ceases to amaze me that people assume I am something other than that because I'm female.  I actually had a vendor whose first words to me were -- "so I guess you are a designer" to which I politely said, "yes, and an architect."  Moron.  And I would add my family was not tagging along at that point.  I give a little more grace to people who assume my husband is the architect when he is with me.

Anyway-- French Quarter was beautiful, as was the Garden district.  We stayed in the Warehouse district which was a great loction to the convention and within walking distance to everything else we did including good food!  I have got to get a good red beans and rice recipe as well as a bread pudding recipe.  My mouth is STILL watering! :  0~

Ok-- maybe my next post will be about running...

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