Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You said, what?!

I'm starting to wonder who else is teaching our kid to talk?  Seriously he says full on paragraphs but they happen to be in a language only he knows... some days it's close to Italian, other's Mandarin... today, I was wondering if Arnold Schwarzenegger snuck for a little while...   WOw.

Just when I'm impressed with all the new words he's learning he throws in certain reoccurring "Italian" words like "tet tet ta nini" that I can't quite place as much of anything, but considering it's daily use in his vocabulary I am starting to wonder?!

He did get his first Christmas present and has played with his "mon more" (lawn mower-- said like you have marbles in your mouth, though-- kinds like "mon more") non-stop ever since.  Look at that expression of pure focus in the picture.  He's our little mission-man.

So do all English-speaking kids start out speaking another language first? 


  1. Hee hee, yes that seems to be pretty normal. Just be thankful that his favorite "word" isn't something that sounds suspiciously like a private female body part that rhymes with Regina...a friend of mine's little girl said that all day long for months!