Friday, November 4, 2011

Awkward Photos and Future Runs

Tomorrow is the last weekend run before race day next weekend!  8 miles is on tap and then we will only do one 5 mile run next week!  THEN I have to decide if I still have the motivation to continue early morning runs or if I will switch to evenings as it gets colder and I keep my base up for the race in April.

And since I don't take running pictures like everyone else, I have to supplement with others.  So below is my first ever photo taken on a weight machine.  (Wait, is that even what it's called?)  Anyway-- kiddo boy wanted to "drive" and my mom wanted a photo, hence the awkward photo below with my little Pooh Bear.

And this is Pooh Bear in his boots.  He is mildly obsessed with them right now-- so hopefully a certain Father-in-Law-Santa will decide to bring him the next size up for Christmas!  The boy wants to wear them as long as he can!

And here is the kiddo with his "painted" pumpkin.  A 14 month old doesn't exactly understand this concept just yet-- so you get a few small patches of paint which actually turned out better than him putting the seeds back in the pumpkin when we tried to carve it.


  1. Love, love, love the boots!!!

  2. Your little man is SO cute!!! I love the Pooh outfit. My brother went through a phase where he would not take off his navy blue galoshes. I swear, he wore them for like a year! It didn't matter that it was summertime and we lived in Las Vegas where it is boiling hot. My mom still has those boots! I think that its probably a phase that a lot of little boys go through. :)

  3. Thanks! Ha! Yeah-- who knew a 14month old had such opinion about shoes! : )