Friday, November 25, 2011

Familiar Topics and Thanksgiving Ramblings

I certainly did my fair share of eating yesterday... but I did start the day with a 5 mile run to offset at least a little of what I planned to consume that day.  Yum!  I LOVE THanksgiving.  Not just for the food but I love getting time with family and I love that the day after is usually casual and filled with family time too.  And today has not disappointed.  I woke up about 6:30 (I can no longer sleep in if I wanted to!) and did a mental list for the day.  Around 7 I got up and decided to hit Lowe's for some storage bins.  It was ghost town-- I thought it was "Black Friday"?! 

Anyway-- once I got the boy back down for his morning nap I got to organizing all his clothes that I had just been haphazardly putting in bins the basement.  Now it's organized in NB-3months, 3-6months, 6-9 and 12+, toys and other newborn/birth stuff.  I love days when I can check something off my to-do list!  Plus it gave me time to remember when the little guy wore different outfits and hope for the day another kiddo might make memories in those clothes.  It helped make a case for having a baby around the same time of year and another boy.  I realized how much all of the different increments of sizes are also in very specific seasons.  But alas, that would mean conceiving, like, now, which doesn't seem to be on the radar yet.    And how do I always end up back on this topic lately?  Moving on.

The hubby has been around all day today which is great too-- though he's been doing his own projects around the house.

The weather is gorgeous today!  Right around low 60's.  Ahhh!  Got in a short walk, eating leftovers and hanging out.  Perfect.

And while I am making random statements-- I have all but 1 gift bought AND wrapped for Christmas this year.  I'm usually pretty on the ball but never this early!  Yeah for all the homemade vanilla extract I made for the ladies in the family this year which took a nice chunk out of my shopping list!

Finally-- to my friends up north-- do you have a "black day" filled with shopping deals after your Thanksgiving in Canada?

Signing Off...

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