Wednesday, September 7, 2011

This weeks Weaning Update

Since I was soooo sick for a couple days last week I decided to extend the "dropping a feeding" out a couple more days.  How's that for justifying?  So as of today we will be down to just a morning and bedtime nursing.  My two favorite cuddle times with the little guy.  Let's talk about my emotions after one or both of those gets dropped.  For now I am feeling ok with things and my big 12-month old boy is nursing for shorter amounts of time anyway.  After a few minutes he signs "all done" and then he wants to eat real lunch or dinner.  He is still trying to get the sippy cup thing but we're sticking with it and he takes a bit more every day.   The kid loves big people food-- he loves him some veggie lasagna and red beans and rice this week! 

Have I mentioned my goal timeframe for weaning... I am taking a solo trip for a few days to Iowa at the beginning of October (for some architect continuing education junk) and thought it would be nice to go to bed and wake up without feeling full and needing to take along pumping stuff.  So that is when (right now) I am shooting to have dropped all feedings.  One month to go. 

Would love to hear what you feed your younger kiddos!  I want to keep him trying lots of stuff so he isn't a kid who will only eat two things when he's older-- but it has to be easy enough to cook for a non-chef person like me!

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