Friday, September 2, 2011

Oops How is it Friday?

How is it Friday?

Oh yeah-- I got hit with that HORRIBLE stomach bug for a day and a half and missed one of my runs this week along with being completely out of commission!  That is when working from home with a 12 month old was just not working.  Thankfully I have an easy going kiddo because I literally only picked him up to nap or eat and I laid around and watched him play.  When he had both naps I took naps too.  I don't think I turned on my computer all day Wednesday which is saying a lot.  Very Sick.  I thought it was food poisoning as sick as I got and quickly as it came on but it seems to be going around here after talking to people.

So I shall get back to the grind and hopefully knock out a long run this weekend.  I have missed running and actually am kinda feeling bad about saying I don't feel like a runner... because when I miss running I am reminded that I am a runner regardless of how slow or often I get at it!

Weaning is going ok-- little man is 100% ok with it and actually is nursing for shorter amounts of time when he does nurse.  He kinda likes this people food thing!  One day he did great with the sippy cup and the next few-- not so much.  So we'll see how that continues to go.  So we've heard me say how much I have enjoyed the bonding moments and snuggles that come with nursing... here are a few things I won't miss:

Things I won't miss about no longer nursing:
Being sore when I shower
Wearing nursing bras
Craving sweets and carbs constantly (I honestly see a difference in just a week of tapered feedings in my level of cravings-- hopefully not coincidence!)
Wearing two bras to run
Being engorged (... before a run, in the morning, after missing a feeding, traveling... anytime!)
Nursing pads

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