Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Random Ramblings...

Do any of you ever feel "stalker-ish" for reading random people's blogs?  I know I do.  And with the advent of Google Reader and suggested sites I will sometimes just wander the blog world and find myself intruiged by the lives of random people.  Is that odd?  I do try to publically "follow" blogs I read most and leave comments to maybe be less stealth-like.

Y'all know I don't post many pictures of my hubby or me. I still feel wierd about the blogging thing and putting myself out there. Especially when I started this blog sharing lots of the graphic ins and outs of running while pregnant. But today I am going to share a couple photos of our family "trip" this past weekend to a local farm.

Little man and me. (Oh-- and a Llama)  I'm pretty sure we are all pretty darn pasty-white. 

Little man and his dad and an overzealous Zebra! Freaked them both out for a second!

And now a couple other randoms...

Little man helping his dad work on plumbing in my mom's new kitchen.

Little man.

Thanks for the comments on the jogger!  Yeah-- they seem pretty effortless until you add kid(s) and hills!  : )

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  1. Oh it's so nice to see photos! I should check out the suggested reading in Google Reader, I could use a few new ones to stalk!