Sunday, September 25, 2011

Run by the (fun) numbers!

Todays run by the numbers:

Running buddy: 1 (my step dad)

Run Distance: 11 miles

Started run: 5:15am

Finished run: 6:55am

Deer: 6

Cars: 6

Rabbits: 4

Times I wanted to scream: 3

Times I actually did scream: 1

Bird that flew into me: 1 (Hence the 1 actual scream above)

Times we had to slow up to keep a 10 min/mile pace: 3 (One of these times was after the bird incident!)

Energy bar: 1 Chocolate Powerbar

Water Consumption: 1 Camelbak

Hours of sleep the night before: About 4.5 hours (ugh!)

Nap after my run: About 1 1/2 hours (yeah!)

Next run: 5 miles on Tuesday at 5:45am


  1. A bird flew into you??? WOW!
    Nice run!

  2. Yeah! Can you believe it??!! I guess it was on the ground and I must have startled it-- I heard flapping as it flew up the front of me and then hit my hand on the way up. Scared a little pee and a scream out of me!