Monday, October 24, 2011

12 mile runs and closing a chapter

First a running update...

We ran 12 miles on Saturday morning... starting at 5am! Ick!  It took us right at 2 hours and felt WONDERFUL!  One of those runs where you just feel good.  An "all-is-well-with-the-world" kind of run! It was fab.  I feel ready for our race (a half marathon) in another couple weeks.  We will do a tempo run or two during the weekday and weekend runs will taper back to just 8 miles or so.  Once race day is complete it will be time to maintain a good base for the April half marathon!

I turn the big 3-1 on Saturday.  I'm pretty sure that makes me "in my 30's" now instead of just 30.  Is that just my logic or do others do that too?

And finally-- I am officially finished nursing baby boy as of early last week.  I have actually had two cry-fests over that fact.  It amazes me that something that was so hard at first, that I pretty much despised in the early weeks could turn into such an amazing time and bond that I did not see coming.  The blessing of a baby and nursing all took me by surprise!  I'm never good at ending chapters in life but usually future chapters are just as beautiful in their own way.   That's what I have to remember. 

An end to nursing has made the past year flash before my eyes and probably why I couldn't help shedding a few tears.  I have pictured those first days of trying to figure out how to nurse a newborn and be a mom, watching a baby grow and change just a tiny bit as I held him for each new feeding along the way, being around for the littlest of milestones that no one but a mother would know about... it's been amazing and I will miss these days.  I look forward with hope to doing it again with another child.

And I leave you with a photo or two of my little guy at 13 months old!  The first is after eating beets.  Yum!
And playing with his Mama's lens cap...


  1. It's sad, but always exciting to move on to new chapters. Plus, its also nice to keep your shirt down all day long!

  2. Ha! Yeah-- that part is nice. Although I'm remembering again that I look like a 12 year old boy in the chest when I am not nursing or pregnant. HAA! : )