Thursday, October 13, 2011

The alarm sounded today at 4:40am! Yuck!

Another befor crack-o-dawn run this morning... 8 miles starting at 5:15.  Thank goodness the park is close but that was still a 4:40AM wake up call!  BUT I won't have to do a long run this weekend now and also don't plan to do it early!  Yeah!!  There is always good news!

And I have been burning the candle at both ends this week.  I've been blessed with two small archi projects but they are happening around the same time!  So working on that and house rental stuff all on top of life = wanting to crawl into a hole and sleep.

I finally called my OB office today about the lack of a period.  Just to put my mind at ease that it's ok/normal/.  ; )  I'm actually at peace in the waiting (yes, of course I'd love another kiddo soon) but just in case this little lady should have started again after almost 14 months from having a baby, I'd like to be proactive. 

And a last random nugget for today since some of my old elementary to highschool peeps read this 'ol blog... I just finished looking back at some old photos from the middle and highschool years and seriously wanted to laugh/cry/cringe over spans of my dorky years.  I actually wore a homemade halloween-themed puffy paint sweatshirt at my 15th birthday party!  Who does that?!  (Yes, my birthday is right before Halloween so at heast it wasn't spring or something too!)

My poor kid might have no chance at having dork-free years with these two parents!  : ) 

Please-- someone make me feel better and share your own dorky highschool moment!


  1. Haha! I second that after looking through photos! Mark says some of that was the style then but I think it's just embaressing!