Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Points for the Lady in Fuchia

Score TWO for this Mama. 

I ran twice in one day yesterday!  Yeah, I know many of you do that a lot but NOT ME!  And I attempted to let Jillian shred me for about 15 minutes but decided it was not her day to kick my butt and turned her off.

So I totally ran both times for social reasons. And maybe a little for the race that's in 10 days... : )  But mostly for social reasons.  I got a call from a gal in the morning to run-- so we did (BOB stroller and all) and then I ran again without the kiddo about 9:30 last night before all the yucky weather blew into our area.  (Oh and thankfully I did not see Dorthy or Toto but we did camp out in the basement all night!)

And my new shoes are so far rocking my world.  I haven't hugged the sales lady yet but I think I am going to kiss my shoes after my next run!

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