Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rainy Days...

I don't know if other parts of the globe hear about our weather here but its been a wild ride!!  We slept in the basement a few nights ago because of the tornado's (did I already mention that?) and last night were severe thunderstorms for HOURS!!  I could not sleep at all!  (Of course hubs and baby boy were out like logs!  I'm glad someone was up worrying about the safety of our family!)

All that was followed by more RAIN today.  So my plans to run with a gal friend of mine were cancelled due to more rain and lightening this morning.  So I told myself, if there is a clearing -- you have to go get in your  six!  And I did.  About 10 it let up for literally an hour and I did my six before it started pouring again.

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