Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Recap

Saturday's run was 12 miles and it felt pretty darn good (until the last mile) but first let me paint you a picture.

We have beautiful parks in our city and they leave a lot of running options, but when you start to run longer miles (like 8+) you are pretty set on leaving the park you start in and venturing out.  SO we decided to go the other direction than we did last week when we ran 11 miles.  At about 6 miles I suggested we make it a loop instead of an out and back.  Sounded like a great idea except that it landed us back at the park and almost to our cars with about 2-2 1/2 miles left to run. 

When I do a long run I LOVE the mental motivation of running straight back to my car (or house).  Knowing I had that much more to run was a mental downer... so we ran back out a neighborhood in the opposite direction.  We were going along ok and headed back when my step dad said something like-- ok, all we have to do now is run stright back to the car!  I knew it was nearly a straight shot as the crow flies but about the time I go excited the road took a turn to the left instead of going straight.  It was as though my air was completely deflated.  I was done. spent. over.  I kept running but was not a happy camper.  I was feeling pessimistic and tired.  We creeped back with my attitude weighing me down.  So not all runs can make you feel like a rock star and this one didn't.  But I am motivated to keep up my runs this week and the next few weeks before the ran and managed to do 4 more today.

On another note-- you may remember my issues buying shoes last year when I was pregnant here and here.  So now that its been a year and such, I think its time to suck it up and get some new ones again-- though I may just wait until after the race because I don't like to chance it in unpredictable shoes.  AND since I don't bring home a regular paycheck these days, dropping $100+ on shoes has more of an ouch factor!!  I will keep you posted in that front.  My feet are a tad wide, I pronate out in the back and dont have great arches.  I'll be hitting up the running shoe store eventually but if you have similar feet and have a shoe you love, let me know!!

AND!  This week last year I was 20 weeks preggo and posting this belly-bump (below)  and then it started growing out like crazy!  Hard to believe and imagine my life before this precious kid!

Have a great week!!


  1. Nice run!

    I know what you mean about the running shoes and dropping big bucks on them. I've struggled with that a lot. I love Somnios right now, the self control style. BUT they are super expensive ($135 I think). And they are out of stock so I am sucking it up and still running in my old Somnios with 400+ miles on them. good luck!

  2. Thanks! I will look into those. In a quick google search-- looks like Overstock has them onsale! Since you know your style, maybe you can get a deal??