Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Shoes

One part I learned early on in running is that you HAVE to have the right shoe.  No, ifs ands or butt.  Go to a running store, suck up the extreme price and reap back every penny. 

All that said, in our city, the "it" running shoe store changes from time to time.  You want a store that has sales people that know how to measure your feet and account for the various oddities that is everyone's foot, stride, etc.

I went to the latest recommended store.   They measured, they ran me in a neutral shoe on a treadmill while being video taped, and tried me in various shoes.  I was confident with the process until the lasy started to try me in about every shoe they had... it really should be more of a science and only certain shoes should work.  I was literally there an hour and a half!  But, I left with shoes that felt good and hoped they worked. 

Fast forward three weeks or so of running in the new shoes.  They were not working for me.  My right foot would fall asleep mid-run.  Talk about a strange feeling!! 

Shoe that I had which just got replaced by the Vomero 5, newer model and a size bigger.

I finally went back with the shoes yesterday after trying everything--  loosening, tightening, shifting, etc.  I got a different chic and she measured me again, bumped me up a size and sent me on my way with the first shoe I tried on (and it felt good)!  Its a Nike Vomero 5.  Its brand new, so I could only find a photo of the last shoe I had (that did not work!)

 Here's to hoping for a good run tonight in my new shoes!

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