Thursday, April 15, 2010

1 Pound

Had a great day today personally-- hubby and I got to see our little Squirt in an ultrasound.  What an amazing miracle to see and amazing technology!  We are holding off on finding out the gender to which everyone there seemed pretty excited about.  Only the ultrasound tech knows the gender and she was not writing it in the chart, so the doc will get to announce... IT'S A ... Exciting!

Little Squirt weighed in at about 1.2 lbs.  Good Lord willing, this little one is tracking along great and she said I may delivery earlier than my due date of august 20th since the ultrasound said I was a little further along!  To see that little face and hands and feet was WAY cool today!  I had a couple tears of joy!

Ran 4.3 miles tonight... only a couple more training runs until the half marathon!  I am pumped! 

As they say-- third time is a charm. Got new shoes again last night.  They seemed to do ok on the run tonight, so here's hoping!!   I also wore a belly band support for the first time during the run.  I didn't notice any real difference there.  Quite honestly, my belly doesn't protrude a lot yet, so I am not sure if it was "supporting" much.  Still, it was not at all annoying or noticable on the run, so I will keep wearing it  (And it was over 80 degrees here today!!)

Below is a pic of me looking down... (Had to lean forward a bit to get my shoes in there).

Also, is a preview of my running singlet I plan to wear the day of the run... more pics to come from race day!!  It is a logo I created.  (I am also wearing the support belly band in this photo)

And in case anyone wanted an update... the doc said that my hip and groin pain were perfectly normal (that is what I had read too) and was just ligaments and things moving and stretching.  She said it is of no concern and as long as I could deal with it while running, there was no medical reason to worry.  Yeah!  (Now to push through any discomfort during the race!!)

Side note-- she said the main thing they would worry about is if I was having steady throbs of pain in my abdomen or back spaced out in increments of 5-10 minutes (I guess that would be contractions).

So, other than the mental perseverance, I am good to go.  Hopefully it just prepares me for the endurance required for labor (which we hope to do naturally!)

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