Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Belly...

Dear Belly,

As if there was any doubt, these past couple weeks have made it officially-- you are popping!  Holy moly!  My skin feels like it is stretched to the max already and everyone tells me-- this is just the start... you (and baby) will grow like crazy in the coming weeks.  Can we say-- stretch marks, here you come.    I don't know if I am ready, but they say there is no turning back now, and this little bambino only has about 1 way out! 

So, Mr. Belly-- if you would, go easy on me.  I have not invested in maternity clothes and need time to find things to wear.  For some reason, my office does not think running t-shirts count as "business casual" even though its starting to feel like that may be all that fits me soon.

Do we have a deal?

Running for Two

PS-- here is a photo of this growing belly at week 23 (last Friday).  As if the running snapshots below don't capture enough.  Compare to week 20 here and you can see what I mean has happened in a couple weeks!!

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