Monday, April 26, 2010


I have to crack up at these photos, because you can literally see my belly get bigger from start to finish... ha!
This first photo is about mile 3... running between stepdad and bro-in-law.  I do have to laugh at myself that my belly support band is hanging out in all these photos.  (That and the pastey white legs, which are always good for a laugh.)

hello with the growing belly in the photo above...

Running for TWO...

my sweet hubby, was like, 'what was with the peace signs in the photos?' I am like-- 'hello babe... running for two?!'

And finally-- me on the far left crossing the finish.  Ignore the time on the clock in the photo-- I was obviously not in the first corral to start!!  I will tell you, I finished in 2 hours and 18 minutes.  Yeah, it was my slowest time ever, but i was ok with that!!

Finally-- one that shows yet again, why I love my hubby.  look at the sweet sign he made up and held near the end of the course!  This is me holding up the sign he made (after finishing the race).  Again with the white legs and belly band hanging out... I crack me up!

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