Monday, April 26, 2010

Race Day!!!

The race went fantastic and for the most part, I felt really good and weird pregnancy symptoms were tolerable.  I ran the half in 2 hours and 18 minutes (yes, this is my slowest time ever, but certainly not the worst I have felt, and I am 23 weeks prego!).  So, I will take it!!

Little Squirt did great in-utero.  There was a time about mile 9 that this little kiddo felt like they were doing flips in there... and my belly would go further out and then back in.  Also combined with a feeling of sudden urgency to either pee or poo at those moments.  Luckily, that only lasted about a mile... it was odd.

I am very thankful to my step dad and brother-in-law who ran with me, and kept my pace when it slowed a bit after mile 5 or so.  We had kept about a 10 minute/mile pace at the beginning, and then I/we began slowing down a bit.  I said I felt fine, but all things in my hip/tummy/groin region started feeling odd which is hard to keep full pace through.

My wonderful husband got some photos at various places along the course I would like to post later.  He was great-- he would hold signs and wave, then run ahead to get a photo.  He also made the sweetest sign for me (and little Squirt as we refer to this baby).  I love my hubby so much-- I am so blessed and can't wait to begin the chapter or parenting together too.  Ok, sorry for the tangent off of running... I'm just crazy about that guy!

And shameless plug-- if you want some cute running gear, visit my website--  I hope to add more and keep up on the gear that others sell too.  I got some comments on my shirt and logo, which was fun.  "One lady said, is this baby's first race?"  To which I smiled and said "yes" and she responded with a "congratulations" as she continued to pass me... ; )

I did notice in the photos (to come) my belly seems to grow as the race goes along.  What's up with that?!

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