Monday, April 5, 2010

8 Mile Run

So, we had a nice run on Saturday-- the weather was fantastic-- after the complete downpour in the first five minutes of running.  I think it helped our pace though to be soaking wet and motivated to get dry! ; )

A few ways you know you are a pregnant runner:

1. Throughout a run you feel the extreme urge to pee.

2.  If you give in to said-urge-to-pee, you will find that all you get is a tiny trickle.  (Hello, baby bouncing on bladder!)

3. Muscles tense, ache or slow you down that you didn't even know you had 2 seconds before.

4.  Water is your friend.

On that note, I do long runs with a Camelbak on.  What a great invention.  I seriously do not notice it is there and have water available at my every whim without stopping! 

After my 8 mile run this week, I had a pretty bad hip pain on my right hip.  By this, I mean, it was painful to lift my leg, due to the throb it caused in the front of my hip!  Ow.  By the next day, it was fine again, but ow it hurt the rest of the day after the run!

Also, another weird symptom to share, out of full TMI-disclosure.  After I run I have a throb in my groin area for about an hour-ish while standing.  I think this may be due to the constant urge to pee, but I will make sure to ask the doc next time.  Its not painful, just a wierd feeling.

So there you go, I think we covered some fun topics in this post.  Peeing, hip pain, throbbing and such. 

I leave you with a pic of my baby bump at 20 weeks.  (We are waiting until the birth to find out the gender!)  How exciting is that?!


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