Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Preview Party

This post will have very little to do with running, other than to say-- below is a preview of our little guy or gal that has run these past 5 months along with me!  We can't wait to meet him/her in August!  (Have I mentioned that we are keeping the gender a surprise until birth-- though I did have my first gender dream last night and it was a girl).  We'll see.

In other news... here is a preview of the baby's room.  I am into the blue and green right now as evidenced in this photo and in my choice of current blog colors.

In the running world-- tonight is the last training run I will have until the race-- which is Saturday.  I am also on my 3rd pair of shoes!!!  Yikes!  I have only had 2 runs in them so far which is not my ideal situation before running a half-marathon, but so far they seemed ok.  Plllleeeeeaaaase Mr. Shoe, treat my feet, legs and hips well-- they are carrying a baby bump!

Curious about the newest shoe?  I abandoned the Nike shoes they kept trying to push on me (who heard of Nike being a great running shoe anyway... shesh!)

The newest shoes are Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes.  Despite all the shoes I have ended up with-- I do not aim to have pink shoes!!  Third time is a charm as they say...                    
I will update on how the race goes Saturday-- stay tuned.  I do plan for this to be my longest run during pregnancy and will begin to taper my miles back down to the 3-6 mile range.

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