Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last minute 10k and a revealing photo...

About 5 minutes after posted yesterday that I was going to have to do a 6 mile run without my running buddy, my sister called and said she had a friend that couldn't run the 10k race the next day and did I want to run it?  I said sure, went to packet pickup and lined up how to get downtown for race day!

It was such a fun race and reminded me that I need to do short races more often! 

I was happy with my time of 0:56:47.  I ended up running into a friend (we both rode the bus and both did not plan to run until the day before when given a free race bib) and decided to run the race together.  It was a really good pairing and I think we helped push each other more than if we had run alone. 

And the most exciting part... this was my first race as RUNNING FOR TWO again!!!  Yep... I've been holding out on you all... we're expecting #2 at the end of September (or if this kiddo is late like their big brother then we'll meet him/her in early October instead!

And I did break out my prego runner shirt again for the race... It's a logo I created the first go-round.

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