Tuesday, March 27, 2012

13 weeks

Now that I get to be public with the news, I thought I would post a 13 week belly shot  (let me say a girl comment-- my legs, heck, all of me... looks skinnier from the side!) Excuse the bad shadow!:

It's hard to compare in photos but I felt like I was showing sooner with this one.

  • Still have to be very picky with what I eat because it's hard to find something that sounds good or doesn't have a smell that makes me feel sick!
  • Still getting sick on occasion and nauseous.
  • LOTS of headaches... at least every other day!  Ick! 
  • Can't sleep well right now due to allergies, headaches and sinus gunk.
Pregnancy Similarities:
  • Weight gain seems about the same
  • Sick/nauseous (but not as bad as with #1, and not as much vomit)
Pregnancy Differences:
  • Harder time sleeping early on (at least for now)
  • I still feel sick when I run (symptoms went away when I ran with #1)
  • Running 3x a week.  My long runs are up to 10miles.
  • Did my first race with this kid, a 10k at 56:47pace.
  • Usually a walk of some sort everyday when I don't run
  • Chasing a toddler (that counts, right?)

So, I'm not going to guess a gender, but we actually plan to find out around 20 weeks this time instead of waiting until the birth.  So about 6 weeks +/- and we'll know if this is a boy or girl!!

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  1. Congrats! You still look great! And yes, chasing a toddler counts.