Friday, September 7, 2012

Weeks 35-37 Pregnant

Hello-- still pregnant here... kicking it at 37 weeks. I feel a lot more patient with this kiddo than I was the first time around.  I think because I am a little nervous for 2 and I don't feel like things around the house are ready (are they ever?!). 
On the other hand I am totally excited and ready to meet this new little guy!  I wonder about him all the time and can't wait to hold him in my arms!
I have been working to prep again mentally to try for another natural birth.  I'm not sure if its been better or worse knowing the level of pain I am possibly in for.  I'm just hoping labor starts on its own and there are no medical reasons to induce again this time.  Pitocin and a drug free birth =  OWW!

35 weeks

36 weeks


37 weeks


Life at 37 weeks:
Still running 3x a week.  (Usually 4 miles each run but this week it was a little less due to weather and running without my running buddy which means I slack off more).  A little more pressure and discomfort while running and after.
Trouble turning over at night.  It's hard to hoist such a belly around after going, going, going all day!
Weight gain at 37 weeks -- about 21 lbs  (Slightly less than I did at this point with my first guy, but I am running more distance than I was with him at this point...)
For comparison... here is my bump at 37 weeks with Boy 1...




  1. You look wonderful! I can't believe how much running you are still doing!! You are amazing! Hope you don't have to be induced. That was a big fear of mine also.

    1. Thanks! Got a run in the day contractions started too... I think it helped get things moving, but it was a slow one and only about a mile and a half. But no inductions!! Yay!