Monday, July 18, 2011


Ow!  You all know I try to share some of the good/bad/ugly of this baby thing.  Here is one for you.  I feel like I am new to breastfeeding again... it is hurting again when the kiddo nurses, especially on my right side.  He's 10 months old now and nurses 4x a day-- we were doing great until a couple days ago.  I was hoping it would go away but it hasn't. 

Going to visit my "doctor" -- aka "Google" it doesn't sound like I have a blocked duct or anything.  Sounds most like the pain people are discribing when they have thrush but I don't see anything different there?  Sounds like others have had this happen when their baby's get teeth too, but he definitely isn't biting or anything.  The pain is such that there are moments when I feel lightheaded again like the first weeks of nursing and I'm not digging it!

Anyone else have this happen around this time?


  1. Hmm, not at that time specifically, but as my kids got older, their latching kind of changed and I went through periods of it hurting all over again. Does it stop hurting after a few minutes of nursing, or does it continue to hurt? Does lanolin help ease the pain?

  2. Found my cream stashed in the baby stuff-- so far it seems to help a tad but I'll give it a couple days. It hurts most when he starts nursing and then I get random tinges of pain during and throughout the day when he isn't nursing at all! Ow!

    Why can't I comment on my own blog?????