Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oversleeping and A Family Photo Shoot

Yesterday morning I accidently overslept for my run with my stepdad.  I woke up at 5:36am in a total panic and saw he was calling me (we were meeting at 5:30).  Amazingly I got out the door in under 5 minutes and to the park in another 5 or so and found him running in the dark.  I pulled over, got out and resumed running for just shy of 6 miles with him before I had to head home.  I felt rushed all around!!  It was another HOT day so it was good to be finished running before it was even 7am!  (And in case you were wondering-- I had set the alarm for PM not AM-- guess I was tired!)

Today the fam went to take photos and try and get some decent pictures of the three of us.  I will post  a few but my hubby does not like being put out into internet land so I'll keep 'em small and will post a few of just the kiddo and I.  We tried to "re-create" a few shots a year later.  I'll try and post last summer's preggo pics with this summers-- nearly one year old!!


This year...

Last Year... 39 or 40 weeks pregnant

This year... followed by last year (39 or 40 weeks pregnant)...



  1. I love these pictures! There is a picture of me with my nephew all curled up on my belly - my sister-in-law was helping me too understand the 9th month of pregnancy. The picture reminds me of that day! :)

  2. Oh, duh. It would help if I told that he was 1 day old when we did that picture....

  3. I bet that was sooo cute! I remember one of my thoughts that first few weeks with a newborn-- was how amazing it was that he had fit in there! You'll be a great mama when your time comes! ~Rachel (Running 4 Two-- since it won't let me stay signed in to post on my own blog!!)