Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Healthy Smash Cake Attempts

I am feeling very "America's-Test-Kitchen-ish" this morning.  The aroma of cake is wafting through the air as I type.  Also known as my attempt to bake a healthier alternative for the first birthday "smash cake."  The rules I setup for myself to try to follow without making a disgusting and ugly cake were:

1. Use whole wheat, not white flour
2. No oil
3. No sugar
4. Any veggies/fruit thrown in were an added bonus. 

**Please note-- this was my criteria.  I know many of you have different allergies or things you try to keep out of diets but these were the ones I chose.  Oh-- and the big people will get a fruit pizza I am going to do for a "birthday cake" so this version is just for the little guy.

I have been Internet prowling for recipes and even tried my own attempt at one which turned out so-so but wasn't really happy with the "healthy" options I was finding-- they still had lots of oil and sugar.

So try numero uno for today was a banana bread that met all the above "rules."  It sure smells good now but the batter was ick.  We'll see how it turns out.

Try numero dos is a zucchini/banana bread which I decided to slightly bend one rule on-- I added a 1/4c of brown sugar-- but it also made 12 muffins plus a small cake size!  Batter tasted good on this one.  Also smells yummy so far.

Both look very "healthy" and not very cute cake-like. but we'll see what the boy thinks later today when he gets to taste-test.

I will post a recipe if/when either get the thumbs up from the kiddo.  My family totally gives me a hard time over trying to keep his diet healthy but while I have control over what he eats I feel it's my responsibility to avoid the yuck for as long as possible!  Stay tuned.

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  1. I would love to see the recipe even if it doesn't get a tumbs up, just to see what you did and what worked or didn't.