Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Turning Uno-- The Birthday Party Edition

Watch out Blog Friends... The cat is coming out of the bag to talk about the birthday bash... we officially celebrated kiddo turning UNO!  I'm going to let pictures do the talking in this post.

He officially hides from the camera now so this is the best I could do getting his Uno shirt...  (oh and his dad had him wearing his tool belt!)

Weely photos from weeks 1-48...

 We asked guests to sign in with there favorite memory from the past year... hoping to do that at all birthdays!

I made up cards for the food and such.  This one for the party favors said that "he likes to sign 'please.' Kids-- please accept a little gift!"

I made an "UNO" fruit pizza as the cake for the big people.

My Father-in-law and baby boy share a birthday.  So I made him a cake that said 71 and a shirt also announcing his age.  ; )

Fruit bowl in "Uno" colors...

Kiddo's shirt...

The birthday boys!
 The food!!

With all of the food I made signs like the one below...  Around N's birth I craved Papa John's Pizzs with tomatoes and extra sauce!

Guests (and no this is not at my house-- it's a rented clubhouse.)

And this is pretty much how he wanted to be the entire time... in my arms or holding my hand.  He was a bit overwhelmed!

I ended up going with the vanilla (reduced sugar) cake that I posted the recipe for.  I surrounded it with bananas and put a dab of (melted) whip cream on top for a mess-factor.  He LOVED it and cheered up a little after eating.  I think that many people were a little too much for him.  But cake helped make it better!

So that's it... the Uno party is over and the guy officially turns Uno on Thursday.  Sniff.


  1. Oh my gosh - this is THE CUTEST bday idea I have seen yet! Love it! And I love the poster of all the weekly photos! Super mom! I love reading all of the birthday posts from other bloggers who had babies around the same time as me...I feel like I know all of you guys!

  2. is the uno card on his shirt made out of felt glued on with fabric glue?

  3. I used felt and iron-on fabric backing to iron/stick it all together. Fabric glue might work just as well but the iron on sticky back helped it all lay more flat.

  4. OMG I LOVE THIS!! I am planning my sons 1st birthday .. were doing constuction theme and your sons whole outfit is just too adorable. i'm not very crafty so i might have to resort to Etsy to find an UNO shirt lol but where did you get the belt? ( if you dont mind sharing )

    1. Come back and update after you have your party! I'd love to see it. Believe it or not, the belt came from Ikea as a soft tool kit for kiddos. It was pretty cheap if you have an Ikea close by or you may be able to order it online.

  5. ok thanks ! and i'll be sure to share with you.

  6. I found your blog while googling, we're about to plan my sons 1st birthday and since the day will be May 5th, we're doing a cinco de mayo theme and I thought this uno shirt would be adorable! I want a green one though and since I can't find them anywhere, I'd love to make it myself. I haven't found a plan to purchase the iron on from, did you make that yourself too?

    1. Hi Carly, Thanks for stopping by. I just eye-balled it, as its a pretty basic form, but if you wanted it exact, you could easily photocopy a card (blow it up) and cut out on top of it. It still bugs me that I did the "cake" backwards from the card but I think I notice more than anyone. I was rushing by then!