Saturday, August 13, 2011

More good, bad and ICKY here...

I did not do any early runs this week.  But I only missed one of my run days.  Thankfully the cooler temps came so it helped make a later-morning run possible!  Why did I miss-- seems that I had Mastitis which I caught early but OWWW  with a triple "W"!  In talking to my lactation consultant and others who have had full blown mastitis... I guess I caught it early.  So miss-anti meds whenever I can help it is on antibiotics for this!

I can't help but wonder if it was brought on indirectly through these early morning runs.  You see-- I never upgraded to bigger bras and when I run at 5:30am I am not feeding the kiddo beforehand which equals a full chest which then equals tight bras... which may have equalled a blocked duct or mastitis.  Yowsa! 

For anyone curious for more info, it seems Mastitis is most common in the first 3 weeks after having the baby.  It's basically an infection on one side and in case, the lower half of one side was really engorged and as hard as a rock and really, really, really tender.  I tried hot showers, warm compresses and "massage" which wasn;t really possible because it hurt that bad, and even lifting my arm on that side hurt.  But I was told not to stop nursing because that could make the infection spread and feel even worse.

Speaking of-- kiddo is a week and a half away from his first birthday.  I think I am mentally preparing to wean him.  I will be so ready one day (like these days it KILLS) and other times when I put him to bed at night and he gets sooo sleepy or even falls asleep nursing I am ready to nurse him longer!  But we've made it a year and that was my hope.  I also am ready to ovulate again and hopefully try for round-two of these crazy baby adventures!  Hold on to your seats because running with two might be an even more interesting chapter.

As always-- the good, bad and ugly shared here.

Have a six mile run planned for tomorrow-- AFTER kiddo's feeding.  Not taking any chances for a while here. 

Party plans are coming along.  I made the weekly banner for the party.  Stay tuned.  I will post pictures after his party next Sunday!!!  The big UNO!

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