Friday, February 11, 2011

Dark and Cold

Nothing can get me running faster than a dark run, cold night and my own imagination.  I'm just sayin'  : )

That was my fast 3 mile run earlier this week and then I just completed a butt-kicking by Jullian Michaels.  Ahh.  Glad to be back in the saddle after a week of nothing due to a nasty cold and trip to DC!

What gets your booty in gear??


  1. I've always liked running in the dark, it's just kind of calming. Love it. Anyhow, new running clothes get my butt in gear - gotta try to get fit to look good in them!

  2. I like it too-- but I still have the "startle" reflex going with all kinds of sounds I think I hear. I prefer dark running in a pair to alone. Def new clothes or shoes!!