Monday, February 14, 2011

Cue the Angel's Chorus

Hear that sound?  That's the angel's chorus in a round of "hallelujah!"

Yesterday was amazingly beautiful and I am pretty sure I heard the rejoicing from the city around me as people rushed outside after being stuck in their homes for a cold few months of snow and winter.  (Me included!)

My step dad and I got out for a 5 mile run at a 10min/mile pace.  We chatted it up the whole time.  He commented that he wishes our running base was better-- my response was-- I think we are doing just fine.  We'll feel fine by the end of April to run 13.1!  The only bummer is that they changed the course for the Louisville half marathon to AVOID HILLS!  I am seriously bummed.  I LOVED the hills and running through the park.  According to some survey they did, more folks said they would run it without hills.  Not sure who they polled.  Running hills gives you a chance to relax in the down hill.  13 miles of a flat course is going to be killer.

Speaking of killer.  Time to get some ab muscles back.  Feeling a little poochy (yes-- highly technical term) and since I get to still look at my tummy about 5 times a day when the kiddo nurses, I am ready to not feel that way.

In kid news-- Baby boy started saying "Mama" a couple weeks ago (of course the first time was when I was out of town!).  The cutest thing ever!  Also, he can sit up on his own now.  It's amazing to me to see how much he has grown and learned in 5 months of life outside my belly!  I have baby fever and seriously want about 10 more. 

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  1. What a sweetheart! And saying Mama already - an overachiever too!