Friday, February 11, 2011

Cloth Diaper review and post

I have been meaning to post this for a while and since I had someone else ask... here goes.  I am very happy using cloth diapers.  For my tree-hugging and frugal side of life.

My favorite overall diaper I use daily is KaWaii (a Chinease brand). My favorite name brand are Bumpkins but they are pricey and come in different sizes so you have to order sizes as the baby gets bigger which also adds up. The one I like best --the KaWaii diapers (I bought them on ebay brand new-- around $100 for 12) Basically they snap to adjust to different sizes, they fit N best once he got up to around 10lbs which doesn't take long. I like owning about 20 cloth diapers because I can do laundry every other day then. We do a disp. for night and if we take him to church nursery or he has a sitter who is scared of cloth.

When N was a newborn the KaWaii cloth were too big. I had bought newborn cloth diapers, but I did not find them worth it. Basically, you have to at least wait until their cord stump falls off, which took several weeks for N, the cloth ones did not keep him dry at all, then the disp. ones are the cheapest diapers at that newbown age (around $.05 each give or take), so I think its worth it to just do disp the first month or two until the kiddo fits cloth ones. But if you don't think you can make the switch after that, it may be worth starting with cloth after the cord stump falls off.

My engineer husband figured that with water use-- a cloth diaper costs us about $.07 to use.  But since I am doing laundry for his clothes, bibs, etc... I think it even offsets that number... so its pretty cheap and I find it does not take much extra effort.  I just "stuff" his diapers at each use instead of when they get out of the dryer.  When he stops breastfeeding and has more solid poos, we may need to install the diaper sprayer we have yet to use/need.

The person I bought the KaiWaii from on ebay is Here is the person I bought from on ebay is linked here... and ones I didn't mention that I had bought and like N to wear sometimes when he is awake are made in Indiana are linked here.  I find they aren't as thick and don't absorb quite as well for long naps, but aren't as bulky and are easier to play in and sits better with his clothes. (Buy them from that company on earth day for a better deal.)

SO that's my quick cloth diaper review.  Hope that helps anyone thinking about going this route.  If I think of anything else, I will add it to this post.  Or email me/leave a message with questions.

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