Monday, December 6, 2010

My cup runnith over

My cup runnith over, y'all seriously.  I may not do as well getting out for runs now that it is COLD and I have a real live baby to bundle up, instead of just hauling my bump out the door, but I LOVE being a Mama!

For all of my fear about being a mom, would I like my kid?  Check.

Would my hubby be ok with me loving a little person too?  Check.

Would I actually like being a mom?  Check.

It was all unfounded fears.  I love this season of my life and can truly say it is one of the more fulfilling experiences in life I have had to date, and I was never someone that sat by and let life happen.  I have explored chunks of this big world (several trips to Europe and 2 to Africa) and as exciting as the exploration was, it doesn't compare to the way your heart wants to explode when you witness even a small milestone of your child.  I know I am gushing, but for others that have their first "bump" on board, I want you to know, it will all be ok and then some! 

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