Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My sweet baby boy had his first shots today.  (We are doing a mondified/delayed shot schedule per Dr. Sears book The Vaccine Book, so thats why he had his first shots at 3 months.)

I made Mark take him in for the shots while I waited in the waiting room.  He came out still crying, but stopped when I held him.  Poor babe.  We got home and he atethen fell fast asleep for a couple hours.  When he woke up for his 4:00 feeding he was not doing well-- crying, wouldn't eat, had one very red thigh and only was ok if I held him in my left arm while walking around.  It was so sad and pitiful, my heart was breaking.  No one tells you about this stuff when you sign up to be a parent!

I was able to put the moby on and hold him that way since my arm and back were killing me from carrying my 13 pound boy around.  He fell back asleep for a bit and with Mark's help we got him to eat and take a bit of pain reliever about 6:30.  By about 7:30 he was still a sad baby boy, but went to sleep in his crib until his 10:00 feeding.  (I went to bed until then too).

I loved having him to hold and love on, but it was so not worth it to see him in pain.

But today I have my happy baby back.  He is keeping the spider man stickers on each thigh until they loosen up-- this mama doesn't want to have to hurt him pulling them off, even in the tub.

Have I mentioned how crazy in love I am with this kiddo? 

He is 13 weeks old today (will be officially 3 months old on Thanksgiving tomorrow)!

I leave you with a recent pic of the little guy...

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