Sunday, November 21, 2010

Runs at 12 weeks postpartum

Today was a 6 mile run.  It felt pretty good (minus a stint about mile 5 where I had to walk a bit because my abs did this tightening/cramping thing.  I had been talking quite a bit and doing lots of hills, so I am going with that to blame, over having less ab tone since housing a kiddo for 9 months.)  : ) 

It feels good to do longer runs again.  The only race in my forecast is the half marathon in April again this year.  We will be ditching the Nashville Music City half and doing the Derby half this year in Louisville.

According to my running partner (my stepdad) I have not added any time to my runs, or I should say I am back to running my normal pace-- but I don't yet feel much stronger like I thought I would after having run with an extra 25 pounds!   

Baby-boy is now 12 weeks old and weighing in at just under 13 lbs (or just over) depending on how full that belly is.  I am crazy in love with him!

My work called me Friday and asked if I could come in Monday to talk about my helping out on some projects.  We'll see how that works out.  I want to stay in the Architect circuit but I also am not feeling ready to rush back into much.  As I said-- we'll see.  My husband keeps reminding me to take it a day at a time and remember that I don't have to have the next months, or years planned out today.  He's right.

Well, this entry has taken us down some unintended paths today.  Hope this message finds everyone well.

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