Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quick Access and Post while laptop-less

Another appreciation-- my own laptop.  I am able to get some quick internet access but my laptop has been out of commission for almost 2 weeks now after a water accident-- more specifically, my hubby  wanted to show me a video on the laptop in the kitchen as I decided to remove a sterilizing steam bag out of the microwave-- splat.  There was still water in/with the bag and it ruined the keyboard.  Oops.

SOOOOO... I promise that as requested by a friend/reader I will write and post the birth story soon.  Yeah, kiddo is 10 weeks today, so I am a bit late!  But I already have it written, just need to type it-- and its still plenty fresh!  : )

I have always been pretty darn independent-- my family thought marriage might be a stretch-- so being a mom has also stretched me.  The first couple weeks were way hard, with the baby blues on top of it all BUT I can now say, I love this blessing and season of life.  I seriously cannot get over how crazy in love I am with my son at 10 weeks!  Those huge grins, curiosity, sweet milky smell and on and on are such amazingly rewarding on a daily basis.  This is definitely my favorite "job" I have had in life so far. 

Someone asked me this weekend if I ever get bored.  And I could honestly say, no.  Not only did I despise being a home body in a past life, I was easily bored on a slow Saturday.  Not so anymore, even when kiddo is sleeping, there is something to do.  My life is generally a slower pace right now, but I am slowly sipping it all in while it lasts.   Sentimental moment-- maybe a tad.

More soon, promise!! 

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  1. I agree, I love being home with the little guy. Even when he's screaming directly in my face I still think, "Aw, isn't that cute..." I guess I'm a sucker for my own kid. :o)