Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reasons (excuses) for not running

I have been downright awful about posting and running.  I want to just be fair in stating both. 

Reasons I give for not running:

1. Its cold.
2. Its dark when I actually have a husband to watch the kid.  Thereby dark and cold.
3. I do not feel justified in taking a 4 month old out for a cold run even if he is bundled up really well.
4. Don't kill me for writing this but when you go back to your normal size within a couple weeks (and are happy at your normal size) it is hard to feel motivated to run again.  But I need to.  I know when I stop breastfeeding it won't be as easy to maintain. And I know my 2 years of running before this point aided in being able to say that.

So there we have it.  My lot? Treadmill purchase (which I despise treadmills!!) and/or workout videos are in my near future.

Someone tell me to get my butt in gear on this!  I have a half marathon in April and don't want to run it slower than my pregnant self did last April!

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