Sunday, August 22, 2010

Still here 40+ weeks

Still here.  Still hanging out.

I go from being total excited/anxious and impatient to feeling like I have so much I can still get done before a little one arrives. 

So, I wait.

Today I did some serious nesting.  Not sure if it was an activity to keep me busy or the actual instincts that can take place before birth.  Either way, I got a lot done-- I picked up the house, vacuumed, re-organized the entire bathroom, cleaned out the fridge and gave it a good wipe down, threw a dinner in the crockpot and did laundry.  Now I am hanging out and hope to be chilled out on the couch the rest of the night with a good book, movie or laptop.

Good thoughts and prayers in this direction would be appreciated for a speedy (natural) delivery and healthy baby.

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