Wednesday, August 18, 2010

40 weeks on Friday

Friday is the "official" due date and 40 weeks.  I am mentally ready to have this kiddo, though I physically feel good still.  I am not one of the miserable "get-this-kid-out-of-me" mamas.  BUT... I am growing anxious and eager to meet this kiddo.  It is on my mind almost constantly.

I was running this morning and started out a bit faster than usual.  After a mile I had a strong pain in my lower abdomen, so I decided to walk.  After a few minutes, it went away.  BUT... every pain, weird feeling or strange symptom makes you wonder if labor is beginning.  Will today be the day?  Is this early labor?  Was that something or nothing?

Another anxiety is work.  Tomorrow is my last day.  My company was not excited about me working up to labor (its not like the movies, people!) and asked that I make tomorrow the start of maternity leave.  What will I do with all that time if I don;t go into labor soon?!  So tomorrow is my last day for at least 5 more (paid weeks off) and then who knows.  I at least will not be back on a full time basis however it happens to work out.  That's a little unusual since I have been working outside the house since I was 16 and full time outside the house for 6 years.  Plus, I've never had a kiddo before.  Talk about some life changes on my horizon! 

It's stuff I just can't plan-- and I am a planner.  So-- that's exciting and challenging too.

Enough rambling and back to work here for a few more hours...

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