Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teenage Boys

My appetite has been out of this world the last week or so... I feel like a teenage boy!  I can't get enough to eat, even though eating too much makes me feel totally miserable!  I'm guessing this big kiddo is requiring some extra food these days!
On Friday I pulled weeds in our yard for nearly 3 hours (it had been very neglected with the heat here).  Since it was a low humidity day, it actually felt amazing in the shade.  Well, all went well until the next day when I realized my squatting and bending over for this long had used inner thigh muscles that obviously needed some work! 

So Sunday's run was pretty much a hot mess.  I would have skipped it altogether had it not been for my husbands encouragement.  So I did my two miles and it was painful!  It was sore during and meant that bending over or squatting were out-of-the-question for the rest of the day. 

With that run as my last memory, I was happy to feel good again for my run this morning.  I did another 2 and have felt better again today.

I think its worth sharing the ups and downs, because pregnant running is just like life-- it's not always rainbows and butterflies even when my last optimistic post read like it is.

I think we're down to 17 days... give or take when the kiddo actually decides to come.  Then I'll let you know how postpartum running and having a baby outside my body stacks up.

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