Saturday, July 17, 2010

One month and Belly casting

We're down to about a month... give or take depending on when this kiddo decides to come into this world.  It's exciting!  I am actually starting to feel a little more ready each day and taking in all the good stuff until then.

Ever since I saw a belly cast (long before I was pregnant or even married) I decided that some day I wanted one.  It was the artistic side of me.  I was going to have the hubby attempt to cast me, but then we found this chick locally who is trying to grow her business and went with that.  So at 35 weeks, yesterday was the big casting day.  Below is a picture of the belly cast right after coming off my greased up body (along with the artist who cast me). 

I decided to forgo modesty for the sake of art and wore nothing but some old shorts for her to cast me. I had to agree with my hubby that it would be good practice for birth because all kinds of people will be seeing me in naked glory. 
So anyway-- the process for the casting is to strip down, rub Crisco all over your upper body that is being cast, and then begin applying the strips of wetted gauze that is impregnated with plaster.  It starts to harden pretty fast which also is a rather odd feeling, but a neat process. 

From this "rough cast" she will sand and prime into a smooth final cast which can be painted and hung.  I am hoping to paint it a solid color and maybe add a verse to the belly-- but we'll see how it all turns out. 

To look back at yourself (or hold yourself) in a plaster-cast-version afterwards is almost like an out-of-body experience! Dramatic statement, I know, but it is very crazy!!

So, that was my fun yesterday.

~Running for Two

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