Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Good News

Good news!  The OWW from the last post has been remedied thanks to my trust suppport band again!  I have been sleeping in it and keeping it on all day too.  I have to say its made a HUGE difference!  Even after my run, I didn't have the usual difficulties turning over in bed when wearing this belt, and it took away the horrible tender feeling in my belly button.  I keep it a little looser at night so that the baby will stay head down instead of feeling pushed on, but it still seems to be working for us both.

In other news... I think the heartburn may be starting!  I woke up with some heartburn last night so I just propped myself up a little better and have tried to keep my posture better when I have felt it coming on today. 

All in all, I feel good though.  Almost 34 weeks and feeling slightly more prepared for having a baby.  We finished natural birthing classes, have a couple weeks left of parenting classes, have a shower planned in another couple weeks and more borrowed items from friends to add to the list of baby items.  Excited to meet this kiddo!

Rachel @ RunningForTwo

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