Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Soaked Morning Run

Today was a really fun run!! 

I went out a little after 6am and it was crazy hot and muggy!  I started a bit slow getting in the groove.  Then, there were occasional bursts of rain showers (but with the big drops) as well as a little thunder and lightning.  Let me tell you-- that put a little more pep in my step.  About a mile+ into the run, I could tell I was going to get wet!  There was a good downpour for just a minute or so which let up.  But then, a bit further up it was a full on constant downpour!! 

"This feels great!!" I thought to myself.  "How often do we get to play in the rain as a big kid?"

I sped up a little but enjoyed the full soak I was now running through!

I knew my hubby would start to worry though and sure enough I get a phone call** from him about this time asking where I was because he was out driving my usual course and didn't see me.  About the time he found me (I had mixed up my route for some variety), we were nearly home so I just finished running and I looked like a drowned pregnant rat! 

It was one of the more fun runs I have had in a while!  I really need to play in warm summer rain more often!

**Side note:  Yes, I run with a cell phone these days.  I am nearly 36 weeks pregnant so you never know when you may need the phone!  I also run with pepper spray in the other hand!

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