Friday, July 9, 2010

34 weeks

We are getting danerously close, people!  Wow.  Before I jump into running (yes still running).  Allow me to talk baby for a while.

Today, I am blessed to be celebrating 4 years of marriage to my first babe-- my wonderfully husband.  I seriously adore that guy!  Four years has flown by and I look forward to many, many more decades of celebration together!

I went to the doctor today-- imagine my surprise (and ok, excitement) that baby is growing but this mama was not!  I didn't gain anything since my last appointment (2 weeks ago)!  Yeah!  Also, my OB confirmed what my Chiropractor had been also feeling-- baby is head down, with the spine to my left and the feet/hands to my right.  (This confirms the kicks and random pain only under my right rib!)  I was pretty excited about the confirmation to help me better visualize this little kiddo in there.  Finally, in other stats the heartrate was in the 160's today.  Faster than last week even!

On to running-- I am really enjoying my morning runs once I am up and at 'em.  It feels much better early in the morning and its nice to be finished for the day in the afternoon.  I am crazy SLOW now but am happy to still be running and I have been focusing more on getting a certain time of running in (say 30 minutes) instead of a distance or pace.  That has also helped my sanity! 

I find the old people I pass who are doing their walks around the same time, really stare these days.  I probably would too, as I don't think I have ever seen a very pregnant lady running.  I am sure it looks odd.  The good news is that it totally makes me giggle out loud and wonder what they are thinking!


  1. Oh my goodness I am getting the stares and glares from the older crowds while I am running by too. I am only 26 weeks though and barely show that much so I know what you mean.

  2. I hear ya! I was getting second glances then too. Now, they are more full on stares : )