Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I went there

Admission of Guilt-- I went there.  Yes I did. 

Mentally I went to the thought of having a final run.  Running with my step dad this weekend, I thought-- 'what if this is our last run together until after I have the baby?' 

And by that thought, I do not mean because the baby comes, or because I am too slow for him, but because I just decide its not worth it to continue running.

I felt ashamed I thought it.

But the thought lingered a little and then dissipated when I slept ok the night after and woke up feeling fine!  Today I did my bootcamp dvd instead of a run... but I still plan to keep running.  We're almost to 34 weeks.  Only 6 more weeks of running, I tell myself.  I have no good reason yet to stop running other than the after effects I have felt for months now.  My actual runs are still decent in length and a bit slower to accomodate, but otherwise they feel no different. 

Keep running.

Mind over matter.

You WILL feel better for this once the little guy or gal gets here.

AND... not to make you totally envious but word on the street is that my Mother-in-Law has had a total splurge and bought me (us) the BOB ironman stroller with infant seat conversion I have been lusting after since I heard of it a few months ago from a Facebook friend. 
All the more reason to keep running right here.  I can't be the new mom with a toy like this and not be a committed runner.  Spending that level of pocket change and not running is not cool.

So, running for two, is this post enough of a pep talk to keep you going a few more weeks??

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